Kathy Poling helps her clients discover their innate unique design to create a vibrant life of joy and purpose. She especially enjoys giving people who lack clarity, momentum, or clear vision, the tools and guidance they need to identify their strengths, recognize and overcome challenges and barriers, discover and gain clarity on their purpose and values. A born problem-solver, Kathy noticed in her business, in her large blended family and in her staff position in a large ministry, that when people operated outside their unique gifts and values, despite good intentions and hard work, they often ended up feeling frustrated, discouraged, and lose their momentum. Her personal gifts and purpose is to assist others on their quest towards an abundant and meaningful life. She enjoys leading others down the path of Life Mapping for Focused Living. Using the life mapping instrument, and intentional coaching methods, Kathy enjoys helping people identify and walk out their central beliefs, core values, purpose, passions, mission and vision to become the person God intended them to be.

In her multiple roles over the years (to include cosmetologist, entrepreneur, small business owner, mentor, children’s ministry leader, volunteer coordinator, workshop facilitator) Kathy has been privileged to work intimately with people from all walks of life. One of her core beliefs is that every individual, regardless of their age, status, occupation, or previous history, was specifically designed to fulfill a unique passion and purpose. Now Kathy offers a wide range of coaching services, including individual and team coaching, small groups and classes. If you are serious about meeting your goals with your full presence and power, Kathy is the coach for you.