Your Business Success is in YOUR HANDS!

Kathy Clegg is on a mission to help heart centered leaders and entrepreneurs “Grow Into” their playground of Magnificent Possibilities!

An experienced Hand Analyst, Transformational Life Coach, Counselor, Writer, Speaker and owner of MP Possibilities Coaching, LLC, Kathy has been a “Guide” to others for over 35 years. She helps S.M.A.R.T. entrepreneurs get out of their head and into the heart of their business.

Partnering with Kathy in work/play dives straight to the core of:

• holding you back from realizing your success?
• needed to clarify your vision and increase your business profit?
• longing to be prioritized and embraced for work/life balance?
• required for happiness in business and life purpose alignment?

Kathy’s worked in teaching, counseling, training and coaching capacities with diverse populations ranging from 3 to 83. She specializes in coaching spiritual women entrepreneurs and leaders who know they are meant for more….It’s in their hands!

A trailblazer in her own right Kathy’s following her own sacred calling, revealed by her own hand analysis! It opened the window of her soul cutting straight to the heart of why she’s here! Geographically untethered with delight since 2015, she navigates the world with her light and uniquely created “Wisdom Tour”, traveling and bringing transformative Coaching and Life Purpose Hand Analysis to all corners of the country.

She weaves her formal Education (B.S. UW-Madison and UND) and Counseling (M.A. CSU) degrees with her credentialed certifications from CoachU, Dream Coach University and IASHA (International Association of Scientific Hand Analysis) along with her intuition and metaphysical knowledge for client success in small business, life balance, careers, relationships and parenting. Kathy is committed to helping creative entrepreneurs and leaders shift their thinking, step outside their box, and build their profitability business while aligning with purpose, happiness and fulfillment.

As Mother of 3 magical children and Nana of one “Grand” child, Kathy writes as “Mama Pan”; Mama of today’s creative child…evolving Peter Pan…acknowledging the “Lost Child” in us ALL. Rooted in her heart, Kathy provides insight and perspective on Conscious Parenting and Growing-Up.

If you’re eager to “GROW into your GREATNESS” then align your New Business Adventure with your Life’s Purpose by taking inspired action… schedule a complimentary chat with Kathy today.