Kate McGovern is a passionate, inspirational leadership coach. She specializes in working with leaders, concentrating on getting them unstuck and helping them breakthrough the obstacles and barriers that prohibit them from reaching their true potential and life purpose. Through powerful conversation and strategic planning she takes leaders on a journey of self-awareness and breakthrough.

What is it you want to fulfill in business, relationships and life? We must aim at the target we want to accomplish. As a coach I am passionate about you obtaining the momentum for personal development and growth, taking the ordinary to extra-ordinary through the strategy of setting goals and action steps. I will journey alongside you, celebrating your breakthroughs and accomplishments through accountability all the way!

Kate attended Lifeforming Leadership Institute receiving her certifications in Accelerated Coaching, Growth, Life Purpose, and Life Implementation Leadership Coach. Since 2013 Kate has been coaching individuals, business leaders and nonprofit leaders. She has been a conference speaker and is a current show host. Kate is a licensed Real Talk presenter for Transformational Conversations, certified in Behavioral Intelligence Assessments and Motivational Gifting. She graduated from the International School of Ministry and has lead others in transformation for over 20 years.

Kate is a wife of 38 years, mother of 4, and grandmother of 10. She loves family, friends, her flower gardens, great food, outdoor adventures including running a half-marathon. Her faith has made her passionate about helping others become all they were created to be in life.

“What we focus on grows!”

Our beliefs drive us to fulfill our mission; let me help you with yours.

“Live from your Excellence to your Significance, I know You Can!”

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