I believe that each one of us is placed on this planet with innate gifts, strengths, personalities, core values as well as life and educational experiences that allow us to bring something to the world that no other individual can bring. I believe it is our joy and our duty to explore what that uniqueness is and to serve for the betterment of humanity by sharing our uniqueness through work, relationships, leadership in business and service. One way I contribute is by teaching and mentoring new coaches as they have the opportunity to go out and reach others. As a human being, I contribute by affirming and empowering others to live their truth.

One approach to this is through the use of assessments, i.e. MBTI and StrengthsFinder. My approach is to use Strengths Strategies to best utilize the information from your results. Research shows that the clients of those who use this approach see an average result of:
• 100% Increase in engagement
• 43% Improvement in productivity
• 45% Higher client loyalty
• 36% Increase in performance
• 83% Greater likelihood to be part of a high performing team
• 97% Increase in playing to their strengths

I am a Christian coach, and I come to you with 24 years of management in the healthcare industry, followed by nine years serving as a life transformation coach and as a leader in the ICF Heartland Chapter and the ICF Midwest Regional Advisory Council to advance the art, science, practice and success of professional coaching. This has allowed me to stay apprised of the direction and initiatives of ICF Global as well as the opportunity to help influence the profession. As such, I am also a credentialed coach and mentor coach through the ICF.

As we embark on this journey together it is with profound honor and joyful anticipation that I meet you here today. It offers a new opportunity in the fulfillment of my purpose and, hopefully, a realization of your vision and dreams. My intent is to work with you as a co-creator in the fulfillment of your mission.

*ICF Credentialed Professional Coach (ACC)
*Master’s in Business Administration (MBA)
*Bachelors in Psychology (BA) and master’s (all but thesis)
*Adjunct Instructor ACSTH Leadership OD Coaching Certificate in MSOD Advantage Program
*Adjunct Instructor ACSTH Health and Wellness Master’s Program at Maryland University of Integrative Health

*Leadership Development using MBTI and Strengths Strategies
*Professional Service Providers, Entrepreneurs and Managers
*Teaching, coaching and mentoring coaches
*Christian Women in Transition
*Life Purpose

*Strengths Strategy Coach
*Certified Myers-Briggs Practitioner (MBTI)
*Certified in Workplace Mediation
*Licensed and Specialty Certified Live a New Life Story and Live a New Wellness Story Coach
*International Coach Federation (ICF), Member
*Midwest Regional Advisory Council (ICF), President 2013-2014
*Christian Coaches Network International (CCNI), Credentialing
*ACA Business Club, Kansas City, Coach
*ICF Heartland, President 2011-2012