MY PURPOSE: To touch all souls deeply while respectfully honoring mine. I use wisdom and insight to enrich my interactions in my coaching and my everyday life.
MY PROFESSION: Coaching is a partnership in which the client holds the agenda. It is based on the assumptions that the client is “whole”; is capable of making decisions on their own behalf; and wants growth and change. In dialogue, the coach listens, reflects, encourages, facilitates, calls the client to action, and holds the client accountable. Change can take place rapidly.
I consider coaching “a kick in the rear by a foot in a slipper.”
MY PROCESS: I coach entrepreneurs who are in direct sales. We communicate by phone with text and email contact between meetings. Individualized arrangements are generally 30 to 60 minutes per call, one to four times per month. The 10 Steps to a Successful Launch is available as well as follow-up coaching.
I have a B.A. from Western Maryland College and an M.A. from the University of Maryland. I completed my Doctor of Education degree (Ed.D.) at Johns Hopkins University. My major was Human Communication and its Disorders. I later completed a certificate of advanced studies (CAS) in neuropsychology.
I have a P.C.C. coaching certification through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). My coach training was completed through The Institute for Life Coach Training with special emphasis on wellness.
I worked for over thirty years as a therapist, consultant, and business owner. In 1999, I added coaching to my toolbox. Presently, I have shifted exclusively to life coaching. I work part time so I may focus more thoroughly on the individuals who partner with me.
MY PASTIMES: In enjoy time with family and friends, church and community activities, reading, writing, directing plays, embellishing my wardrobe, Sudoku, exercising, cooking, and traveling.
MY PEOPLE (referrals) WANT: Success in business, smooth transitions, wellness (healthy and helpful life decisions), balance, organized schedules and spaces, happiness and contentment, authenticity, Self-care skills, and life purpose clarification
MY PROPOSAL: Partner with Dr. June Bond to actively create what you want in business and life. Together we will evaluate, plan, and celebrate the steps you take toward your goals and dreams. The potential and possibilities are already yours. I would be honored to be a part of your journey.