They call Jonathan Arnold “The Midwest Marketing Genius.” Coach Jonathan Arnold is a multi-Emmy award winning marketing executive who, for the last 25 years, has created some of the most effective and recognizable marketing strategies for both start-up businesses and some of the most respected television news stations in the country.

“Besides being the most brilliant marketing man in the business, he’s one of the most witty, creative, fun-loving guys you’ll ever meet,” said Linton Johnson, managing partner and co-founder of mPower.” “The Edge is extraordinarily lucky to have this amazing talent and I am both honored and privileged to have him as one of my closest confidants and friend.”

Some of his marketing campaigns included strategic launch initiatives for a chain of regional healthcare clinics, start-up development and strategy for financial and new economy (mobile-first) businesses, business development for energy and renewable resource companies, and an Emmy Award winning stint in television for both NBC and ABC networks.

He currently serves as SVP Marketing of Nexcom Studios and Marketing Director & Strategic Consultant for a healthcare concern in St. Louis, Missouri.

Jonathan has also held leadership positions as SVP Marketing, Marketing Director, Business Development, Communications Director, Public Relations Manager at small, medium and large size organizations in sectors such as healthcare, finance, media and television, energy,

Jonathan has a passion for coaching and especially enjoys helping small business owners achieve great marketing success and rich revenues on a shoestring budget.

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