As your coach, Jerolyn will help you become a successful business owner!

Together you will:

  • Set and achieve goals for your business.
  • Explore options for marketing, budgeting, and distribution.
  • Create actions plans that are practical and achievable.

Jerolyn will:

  • Hold you accountable to the steps you choose to take.
  • Be your number one cheerleader!

Jerolyn Bogear loves nothing better than walking alongside a leader to help them become all they were designed to be. Her passion is working with entrepreneurs who are seeking to grow a thriving business. She is an ACC certified coach with the International Coach Federation and has worked hard coaching her clients to excellence through finding their passion, starting a business, and growing it to expansion.

Jerolyn brings a 360 element to her coaching. With Jerolyn you will not only move forward in the goals for your business, but at the same time, look at all areas of your life that can directly or indirectly affect the success of your endeavors. Jerolyn will champion your steps to be successful, but more than that, she will help you to strive for a life of significance.

Jerolyn and her husband of 31 years, Jim, formed Legacy C3 (Jim and Jerolyn Bogear) for conferences, coaching, and consulting on relationships. They have co-authored two books on building a legacy of values in your family and marriage and have spoken on relationships in both corporate and non-profit organizations. They most recently have begun coaching businesses on building cohesive teams within their organization.

Jerolyn and Jim make their home in Sacramento, California and have 3 adult children, 2 children-in-law, and a 2-year old granddaughter, Adelyn Ruth with her sibling on the way.

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