“Customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless” – Jeffrey Gitomer.

Those are words Jeffrey Johnson lives by. Jeffery has traveled the globe helping a number of cutting-edge start-up companies make their most livid customers loyal again.

“My job isn’t to make customers happy,” Jeffrey said. “Happiness is a temporary emotion. My job is to ensure my customers are successful. If I can ensure my software and services are adding value, contributing to their bottom line, or making their day-to-day lives easier, I will have them as a customer for life.”

Jeff currently serves as Senior Manager of Customer Success at a life sciences software company in Silicon Valley. However, long before he mastered the art of moving a customer from livid to loyal, Jeffworked in the high-tech start up world. Jeff’s 17 years of tech experience includes 10 years as a software engineer and consultant, followed by progressive roles at a start up where he helped grow a company from the proverbial “3 guys in a garage” to a company with over 100 employees and more than $12M in annual revenue. His responsibilities over that time included developing first-generation software, building and running a customer success organization including tech support, education and consulting services, and ultimately owning the product organization and strategy as VP of Product.

“Jeff’s broad experience makes him the perfect choice for entrepreneurs who are looking for expert guidance on something as basic as designing the right specifications for a programmer to build your website or as complex as customer relationship management,” said Linton Johnson, managing partner and co-founder of mPower.” “Jeff is brilliant at diffusing even the most difficult situations with your customers and making your relationship work again. I should know. Jeff and I are happily married and have been together for 17 years!”

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from St. Louis University where he was captain of the Billiken’s varsity golf team. He majored in Management Information Systems and Finance.

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