I am an entrepreneur at heart. Sensing a call to break free from a traditional corporate work environment and to express myself more fully, I founded Gifted Leaders, LLC, a company devoted to executive and team coaching, in 2005. I’ve never looked back.

Prior to operating my own company, I worked for small businesses as well as mid-size and multinational corporations. I have experience with various organizational functions including sales & marketing, technical support, customer service, research & development, and human resources; I’ve served on cross-functional teams working on initiatives ranging from product development to strategic planning and cultural change; and I’ve held senior manager and director-level roles and worked closely with senior leadership teams.

I received my coach training through the Adler School of Professional Coaching in 2006 and am certified through both the International Coach Federation (Professional Certified Coach) and Center for Credentialing & Education (Board Certified Coach). I’ve coached a wide range of leaders from small business owners to executive level leaders in global companies and have coaching experience in a variety of industries including veterinary medicine, healthcare, management consulting, construction, architecture, insurance, biotechnology, and semiconductor manufacturing.

As your coach, I will partner with you to insure that …

  • You are able to identify and authentically express your unique gifts;
  • You are working and living “on purpose” and in alignment with your highest values, and;
  • You are empowered to act with intention and commitment.

Life is an opportunity to offer the gifts I’ve been given to others. With that in mind, I will bring the following unique mix of personal qualities to our coaching relationship. I will …

  • Be present, mindful, and “in the moment,” giving you my full attention.
  • Lighten things up with spontaneity and a quick wit
  • Embrace opportunities for exploration and positive change
  • Demonstrate curiosity and skilled listening
  • Provoke new perspectives and new ways of thinking
  • Value excellence and accomplishment
  • Facilitate a process through which you can discover how to truly shine
  • Have the mindset of a game changer: progressive, pioneering, and rarely constrained by tradition or orthodoxy

What I’m Passionate About
As a student of leadership, I’m especially interested in the mindset required to effectively influence others in a business environment that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. I want to help accelerate the shift from traditional hierarchical leadership (where a few individual leaders at the top exert control) to collective leadership (where leadership emerges as a collective capacity from everyone).

As someone who has personally experienced both flourishing and toxic work environments, I want to equip individuals, teams and organizations to create workplaces that …

  • Engage people;
  • Utilize each person’s unique gifts, and;
  • Satisfy their need for meaning and community.

As a creative, independent thinker, I bring new ideas, novel approaches, and unconventional solutions to both individual and organizational clients.