As a certified Integral Master CoachTM and Voice Dialogue facilitator specializing in emotional and interpersonal intelligence, Jed is passionate about supporting people in evolving towards more effective and fulfilling careers. Working with Jed, you’ll learn how to re-code limiting behavior, habits, and beliefs as well as catalyze your ‘vertical development’- building new vision, skills, and capabilities necessary to meet the complexity and changeability of the challenges you’re facing.

“By honestly and skillfully looking into our situation, with curiosity, openness and inclusion for all of who we are, we start to release ourselves from the limiting vectors of expectation, comparison, and self-criticism. From this more integrated and harmonious way of being, we’re able to get out of our own way and open up running lanes where opportunities for dynamic growth and optimal performance now become possible for us, both in life and work.”

As an ex professional cyclist with over 20 years of meditation/mindfulness training, and relying the powerful technologies of Voice Dialogue, Integral Coaching®, and Lectical Assessments®, Jed is your committed ally on the cutting edge of human development. Make an investment in cultivating your ultimate resource- YOU! Book an appointment with Jed today.