Hi, I’m Janet Wilson and I have a couple of question for you. Have you ever wanted to achieve your dream and you did everything you could think of to guarantee your success? You bought the book, took the seminars, did the live training or on-line course. You even talked to people that were living your dream. You started out so excited about your dream and somewhere along the path to your dream you lose your way. Life got in the way, and you become discouraged and give up on your dream. Sound familiar? Well, there are a couple of things missing from this equation: who were you BEING on the path to your dream and did you have anyone there to hold you accountable to living that dream?

Along with 30 years of experience working in the healthcare field, I am passionate about everything relating to health: supplementation, exercise, and meditation, getting enough sleep and eating whole healthy foods.

I am a trained ontological Business and Personal development Coach. Ontology is the study of being, which emphasizes who you are when you put on your “superhero gear. Fearless, unstoppable, willing to make mistakes and learn from them so that you can continue to kick butt!

As a Business and Personal Development Coach, I hold people accountable to the goals that my client wants to achieve. I do this by coaching them on a weekly basis and taking action on the desired outcome. I am a “warrior for your success”.

Janet is the coach that is always in the fighter’s corner: reminding you that yes you can achieve your goal. Sure fear may show up, but it’s the bigger vision that you see for yourself that will have you move pass the fear to VICTORY!

Let’s work together and be VICTORIOUS!!