Jay Washington has successfully operated in leadership and business development roles for over 13 years. He is a Cal State University graduate in the field of communications and is currently finishing a graduate master’s degree in business management from one of southern California’s most recognized business schools at Azusa Pacific University.

Jay got his start in the challenging field of interactive information technology and was quickly promoted into leadership positions helping multiple companies through the startup phase, increasing stock values, or getting acquired. Jay has a passion for helping others succeed and is uniquely qualified in coaching for success because of his relatable communication skills and real-world experiences.

Below you’ll find some of what other business leaders have had to say about Jay:

Jay and I have had the opportunity of working together at a couple of different companies. Most recently he worked for my company RateSpecial Interactive. He is a very hard worker and has a great ability to see a project through to fruition. I would recommend him to any company that is looking for someone that has a lot of knowledge in the online direct marketing arena and sales management.

Thomas McErlane
Co-Founder & President Rate Special, LLC an Inc. 500 fastest growing company

Jay is the guy you want on your executive team. Easy to work with and always professional, Jay fits right in and gets to it. He’s the team and customer builder that is core to an organization. Upbeat and down-to-business, we get a kick watching Jay cheerfully land another huge deal. Simultaneously he is in touch with millions of prospects through numerous channels, exploring new deals. With Jay the enthusiasm is genuine: it’s all about bringing parties together to produce an agreement which benefits everyone.

Kanoa Helms
Web and Marketing Industry Leader

Jay provides an outstanding combination of business development and sales skills with a unique understanding of the technical side of SaaS and Cloud-based service offerings. As a result, he is able to quickly develop strong relationships by demonstrating immediate value to customers through a consultative sales model. Because Jay understands both the “art” of complex selling and the “science” behind intricate technical offerings, he is a uniquely valuable asset to MobileCause or any organization seeking to sell complex software solutions.

However, what makes Jay such an asset is his ability to both both deliver on his personal goals and expectations while supporting the greater needs of a start-up organization, assisting where he is needed to benefit the team. For MobileCause, this meant Jay delivered excellent sales results while implementing a complex Saas-based CRM, training new hires in it’s use and optimizing it’s performance enabling cost avoidance of additional headcount and increasing organizational performance.

Dan King
VP of MobileCause

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