Ibeth Ayala is an Innovation, Executive and Life coach and an Intercultural Management consultant. She is passionate about connecting with her clients to share skills that they can use on their own as they continue their journey. She also enjoys collaborating with her clients to maximize their potential, have fun, identify and to realize personal or professional goals and ideas.

Ibeth was born and raised in Mexico, grew up and studied in the U.S. where she graduated with a bachelor degree in International Business Administration. She began her career as an Intercultural Management consultant during her four years in Germany followed by a five year journey in Oxford, UK as a coach, consultant and project manager in leadership development. She is also an Erickson International College graduate and certified coach.

Ibeth is a proud Domestic Violence survivor and loves spending time offering pro-bono life coaching to victims and survivors of domestic violence and being a speaker to raise awareness on the topic. She is also a volunteer facilitator and coach for Dress For Success Toronto Chapter.

Working with Ibeth means tapping into your inner innovator to expand your vision, your understanding and your plans across any border for the purpose of personal, professional and organizational growth. Having lived in in several countries, embarked in several journeys both professional and personal, Ibeth has a wealth of knowledge and experience in trying, testing and learning from experience.

Ibeth is Director of Ayala Consult an organization that focuses on leadership development covering various areas such as, workshop facilitation, coaching and consulting. In collaboration with associates Ayala Consult delivers programs worldwide.