Heather Wilde is no stranger to identifying and unlocking undiscovered potential. She is a keynote speaker, media guest and offers workshops around the world in helping people find their “Unicorn Power”.

A self-proclaimed “infrastructure geek”, she has spent her life pursuing the ultimate underlying “why” of why people act the way they do. To that end, she is certified in multiple behavioral coaching and neuroscience methodologies and is internationally recognized for her Coaching, Mentorship and Executive skills, including commendations from Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and US Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid for her work.
Heather is a Four-Time Chief Technology Officer, serves on multiple Advisory Boards and a 14-time award winner including 2016 High Tech Female Mentor of the Year.

She’s traveled to all 50 United States, around the world and has lived in multiple countries – not just on land, but on the sea and even in the air. She’s studied multiple languages and worked in almost every industry in her quest for knowledge.

She’s an author, classically trained opera singer, software programmer, sailor, private pilot, game designer, former actor and model and amateur chef. She helps people like you maximize your success by creating the right mindset, effective action, and connection to yourself, your team, your business, and passion. Through coaching, her clients unleash their potential to become their best selves, and become more effective in connecting with their team, clients and community.

As your coach, she will help you to:
Focus -> Raise Awareness -> Act -> Reflect
With Heather, you will find the key to unlock your transformation.