Harold is a native New Yorker who grew up in the Bronx, Harlem and later moved to Freeport Long Island. The fast pace of city life sparked an early belief that things need to be done fast and most of all well.

Harold has worked as a corrections specialist, worked in sales, owned his owned sales company and for the last 15 years has worked as a Territory Performance Manager for the number two car rental company, responsible for profitability and the day to day functions of each of the many locations he manages.

Harold enjoys working in his current position but understands that while he is in the employ of someone else he does not control his destiny. Lay offs and downsizing could become a reality again. His outlook on things is; different actions will net a different result. As the economy takes its twists and turns Harold intends to be in a position to take those turns with ease and help others to achieved their goals, because helping others has its own special rewards.

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