If you want to experience success, in this new economy lifestyle business, Gloria Manchester is the coach to lead you there. She is a certified lifestyle and prosperity business coach. She is a dedicated entrepreneur and the current President of Leadership Education Action Programs (LEAP) and the creator of Prosperity IQ (P-IQ)™. In addition, she is a personality science trainer with Hartman Color Code, Specialty-Licensed New Money Story® Mentor Coach, Conversational Intelligence® Certified Coach, and an Exoteric Living Coach. She has marketed, facilitated and coached professional and personal development for over 25 years.

Gloria is a bestselling author and speaker, and featured on various local and national radio programs.

For many years, Gloria has been committed to the prevention of child abuse and is the co-founder and current President of CARTE-Child Abuse Resolved Through Education, a 501C3 non-profit organization. She raises funds to produce the STARR (Succeed through Accountable Responsible Resolve) Life and Leadership Course for at-risk teenage girls.

Gloria has two grown children who are both thriving in their respective professions, and she is the proud grandmother of three grandsons and one granddaughter.

As an accomplished coach, entrepreneur, and committed advocate of professional and personal development, Gloria’s mission is to boldly inspire and re-energize entrepreneurs and executives to reach their full potential in order to lead in the development of a Playing to Win culture within their lives, organizations and/or small business enterprises.
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