I am a Business Leader with a Proven Track Record. I have over 20 years of experience in Team Building, Sales Management, Leadership Development, Operations Management, and I am a Certified Co Active Coach through CTI, one of the most rigorous and respected training programs in the coaching industry.

My Ideal Clients are Performance Driven Thinkers Who Wish to Maintain a Sense of Humor in the Process!

Do You Have A Strategy Plan to Focus on Existing Clients to Sell More?
Do You Need to Focus on the Big Picture, and Focus on Specific Areas that Need Your Attention?
Do you Want to Review Where to Spend Your Time, Energy, and Money to Maximize Your Success?

I Specialize in:
Sales Development Plans utilizing Emotional Intelligence Skills, “People Skills” and “Hard Skills” for Sales Success- Providing the Competitive Edge!
Management Development Plans
Simple Systems for Business Growth, Retention, and Success Tracking
The Book Yourself Solid Marketing and Sales Development Program For Staying in Touch with Your 3 Buckets;
Current Customers/Clients
Past Customers/Clients

The Result: You will be able to focus better in order to produce results more quickly, you will have the right people on the right seats of the bus for maximum performance, and the systems and strategies in place to grow your business leading to your peace of mind and financial freedom!