I am a professional coach, consultant and writer.

My coaching specialties are in leadership, transition and entrepreneurship. In leadership coaching, I strive to help clients build their capacity as a leader, which often means helping clients learn new strategies for a new role.

In transition coaching, I’m usually called upon to help people deal with change, sometimes it’s a small, but mightily important change. Sometimes it’s a major life change to help clients transform their lives, change direction, start over or somehow re-invent themselves. Watch for my eBook collection, Who Am I? This collection is a set of mini-books to help coaches and clients figure out life’s probing questions, such as “what do I do now?”

For entrepreneur coaching, which often includes leadership and transition elements, I focus on helping clients grow as an entrepreneur, such as dealing with risk, strategic thinking or authentic networking. Look for my “Entrepreneur Survival Guide” series. This is my second collection of eBooks. They are delightfully short and imaginative eBooks especially for the entrepreneur that I designed and co-authored with experts on.

I am a certified coach from the Hudson Institute of Coaching and an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation. Clients have included the U.S. Forest Service, Lovelace Healthcare System, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, large non-profits, the State of New Mexico and private individuals.

In the consulting arena, I focus on performance improvement and strategic planning. I have a special interest in strategic planning because it strives to help organizations deal with change and prepare for the future. It is almost like coaching for organizations. In performance improvement, the focus is on training development. Clients have included Department of Energy, a variety of DOE contractors including Sandia National Labs, Time Solutions, Battelle, Wackenhut, the University of New Mexico, a large state hospital in Georgia and many, many years ago, with the U.S. Army as a Military Police officer.

As a writer I am interested in creating novels that capture how people think, convey emotional realism and characters that go on a journey, willingly or not, that changes them. My first novel, Across the Inlet, was published February 2015.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Learning & Instructional Technologies from the University of New Mexico. Originally from the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska, I now live in Edgewood, New Mexico with husband Ken and our itty bitty dog, Samson.