Francine inspires people to fearlessly face and transcend any obstacle in their lives and assists them to let go of what holds them back from having the life and business of their dreams. She works with busy professionals and entrepreneurs to help them turn their fears, resistance and obstacles into confidence, commitment and success. She works with her clients to remove blocks and negative self-talk that hold them back from success. She has worked in Operations and Call Center management for over 15 years. She loves working with new leaders to help them grow into their new role and become successful. She believes that when leaders in an organization are successful the entire organization thrives. She is a Reiki Master and uses a unique blend of coaching and energy healing to help move her clients forward and remove any blocks that hold them back. She believes that when you change your energy, you change your life. She works with her clients to set both business and personal goals, because she believes that having a work/life balance is critical to success. She believes that to have a better life, you need to take action and maintain a positive level of energy to achieve your goals. She works with her clients to help them set and achieve realistic goals. She is both supportive and tough when necessary. Her goal is to ensure her client’s success.