My anti-resume (AKA: Things you won’t find on my resume):

  • CEO, COO, or anything starting with C
  • Decades and decades of work experience
  • Expert of anything pertaining to your business

Wow, I sure know how to market myself, don’t I?

Here’s how I roll:

With me as your coach, you won’t get someone who will be the Yoda to your Luke. I’m not here to tell you or advise you on what to do. I’m not your trainer. I’m not your mentor. Coaching with me is rooted in partnering with you to identify, clarify, and act on your goals. I’ll ask you hard questions (and listen), call you on things others probably let you get away with, and support you unequivocally as you take steps forward.

If you want someone to help you get rid of the mental clutter, the excuses, and the assumptions that hold you back from having the kind of career you want and living the kind of life you deserve, then let’s get started! If you want to get really clear about what it is you want to achieve, if you want to go after it with someone who totally and completely believes in you, and if you want accountability and support, then let’s do this!

A little about me (in third person narrative, of course)—

Ericka is a fiercely devoted coach who helps her clients harness their most courageous ideas, creativity, and power. Ericka knows what it’s like to be in the client’s chair, and knows the impact of coaching— it changed her life! It’s how she came to be here, writing to you.

A Nebraska native, Ericka has loved living in Minneapolis for over six years. She has worked in sales, training and development, consulting, as a social media quasi-guru, multi-state project/program manager, freelance photographer, and in education technology.

Ericka completed her Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching in 2015 as well as her masters in Organization Development and Change in 2016, both from the University of St. Thomas. Her bachelors degree is in Psychology (2007, Midland University). She is currently going through the application process to get her ACC certification with the International Coach Federation (ICF). Ericka has a growing tool belt available to help advance her clients’ progress, including certification in the Hogan Assessment. Her clients range from executive leaders like college presidents and financial services SVPs, to people starting out or starting over again in their career. She has the coolest cat ever named Delhi, who is more dog than cat. When she’s not coaching, she’s doing theater, music, or walking around one of Minnesota’s many lakes.