A lawyer and certified professional coach, Eric helps his clients successfully transition from employees into entrepreneurs. If you are wondering if you need to form a corporation or limited liability company, or if you want a better understanding of the legal aspects of starting and running a business, schedule an appointment with Eric. If you’re feeling stuck and unable to grow your business, or feel overwhelmed by the challenge of being your own boss, Eric can help.

An EPN elite Founding Coach, Eric has helped Academy, Emmy, Grammy and Tony Award winning talent and producers thrive by teaching them to apply basic business principles to their unique careers. Eric has also helped technology entrepreneurs launch ventures such as BroadwayWorld.com and Vote.com. Recent tech projects include ventures in drone technology and large scale video projection.

By embracing the recent changes in the global economy, you can live the life of your dreams– a rewarding and lucrative career, time for family and friends and the satisfaction that comes from running your own business.

At the core of Eric’s work are fundamental principles that will empower you and prepare you for success:

  1. The industrial age is over, and employment as we have known it is a thing of the past.
  2. Moving forward we will all be responsible for creating our own revenue generating opportunities.
  3. The core skills necessary for success in this new age of innovation are the abilities to collaborate, improvise and adapt to change.

If you are starting a business, you want Eric in your corner, so schedule an appointment now.
Eric is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and The New York University School of Law. He was certified as a professional coach by CoachVille, an ICF accredited school.

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