Your success, challenges, and opportunities create a prosperous future when you conquer your fears and prioritize living your dreams! As an experienced entrepreneur, starting three different successful businesses over the last ten years, I know the challenges and the joys! As a master certified coach (MCC), and licensed coach trainer for the last 15 plus years I have seen many dreams turn into fulfilling realities for me and over 300 clients from the profit and non-profit world. My work as a consultant, leadership coach, author and public speaker has allowed me to move and work in many worksites across the country. I am confident your beliefs about yourself, your dream and your opportunities provide the pathways for your success. As your coach, I will walk with you to build your confidence, bring clarity of heart and mind, as you live into your dreams and opportunities!

I have served in the area of leadership development, coaching and coach training for the last 25 years. I have earned Bachelor and Master degrees in education, leadership and adult higher education. My coaching specializations include moving through fears, establishing priorities that work and assisting you in maximizing time, energy and computer skills to simplify the paperwork and challenges of setting up a new business.

Entrepreneurs are on the springboard of personal and professional growth. I can support you in ways to ensure the prosperity of heart, mind, spirit, and finances. I find my joy in watching you confidently dive deep into the pools of your dreams and create splashes of success for you, your partners, family and client base! Let’s make a splash we can enjoy and remember as you create paths of personal fulfillment and financial independence!