I am an expert with Women Small Business endeavors. I have had one of my own for 4 years and I have focused on helping woman have the confidence to leave high profile corporate jobs to live their life purpose and they are loving it. I was an executive with a fortune top 50 company for 27 years and grew up with all “masculine ” energy trying to keep up with the boys. I have learned over the years the magic it takes to really place you ladies ahead of the group and stand in your power with confidence. I am an ICF ACC certified coach and a graduate of CTI (Co-active Training Intuition in California)

I have been described as the most persistent, Charismatic and “fun” person some have ever met, which will assist you in really getting what you need to grow a business you will be so proud of. I also have several years of leading which gives me expertise in expansion of your business when you are ready for this. (recruiting, training, strategic goals, honoring your personal goals with business, and the power of delegation when you grow.)

Like many of you ladies, I have worn the hats of Mom, Wife and Leader. I have unique proven ways for you to be able to hold all of these roles with elegance, less stress and really feel you are making a difference in the world. If you are unsure what business this may look like, I am certified in a program that takes you through inside and out to find that life purpose. I am certified in LEAP (a terrific leadership program) and the GAIA project which is a paradigm shift for women to know their worth in executive levels. If networking is difficult for you….I have some great techniques to share and it no longer will be something you dread…..but actually look forward to.

Most importantly my life purpose is to help women share success in business, I donate my time to several non-profits that assist young woman to gain confidence to lead.

“It is not where you go in life, It is what you leave behind.” …unknown

“Schedule an appointment today with Denise, She easily will share all the mistakes she made to save you time and money!”