You may already know how to build a business, attract high quality prospects, create routines to benefit your outcomes and exercise self-care to keep the enterprise moving forward. It can be overwhelming and scary in the early phases and perhaps you’re get stuck when it comes to creating, implementing and executing successful strategies. Don’t worry – your native intelligence, education, and experience are ready and waiting to create smart, effective choices.

So, where does the coach come in? Effective structures for goal setting, planning and achievement do not happen by default, only by design. By setting time aside every week to move forward with your goals, attainment becomes a reality rather than wishful thinking. Together we will take stock of where you are right now, where you want to be and plot a course to get to your desired outcomes. And, we will do it with humor, empathy and an eye toward creating more joy and purpose in your professional life. With a skilled thought partner dedicated to your agenda, your vision, your dreams, progress can be exponentially accelerated.

Dena Lefkowitz is an entrepreneur, having established her own coaching business after twenty-plus years of practicing law. She has successfully coached a best-selling author, lawyers, accountants and chief executives, often in the area of networking, marketing, sales, public speaking, effective communication, time management, soft skills and leadership. The skills that make an excellent service provider are not the same as those of a successful business owner. Dena understands the discipline necessary to make strides in starting and maintaining a business and works with clients to create strategies, practices and routines to simplify and streamline their work.

Dena is a graduate the College of Executive Coaching, received a certificate of completion from Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government in Executive Education, and is a graduate of Temple University School of Law. Dena is a former board member of the International Coach Federation, Philadelphia Chapter.