David Woody is a certified life, performance, and Christian leadership coach. Woody, as most people call him, is passionate about working with people to help them achieve their goals and dreams in all aspects of life.

Woody serves others to help them navigate the sometimes overwhelming and paralyzing aspects of life and work. He walks alongside his clients, asking powerful questions, and listening deeply, to create the necessary space to help them discover the gifts they have inside and help them move forward to achieve what they desire.

He has over 25 years in church ministry where he has provided care, counseled, taught, and led workshops and classes for all ages and stages of life. He has a great appreciation for the entrepreneurial spirit, as he is co-director of a non-profit summer church youth camp.

Success can feel elusive with all the pressures and stresses of day-to-day life and work. We all try to find an elusive balance between work, relationships, and self. Life can seem overwhelming while trying to simultaneously focus on self, others, and career. Usually, we do really well to live one part of that triad in a healthy way. Woody is convinced it is possible to thrive in every area of life at the same time. Sometimes, we need help along the way. Woody is committed to help you find the success you seek with business decisions, relationship issues, and life challenges.