I started coaching professionally in 2001 and have loved just about every minute of it. Over the last 15 years I’ve had the privilege of coaching executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, office teams, salespeople, lawyers, doctors, investment bankers, straight and gay individuals and couples, actors, dancers, students, teens and retired seniors.

I am certified at the PCC level by the ICF (International Coach Federation) and have been since 2006. In my native city of New York I trained, coached and led programs at Landmark Education for 10 years as well as training extensively at Relationship Technologies, focusing on gender based studies and human behavior from a biological perspective. My diverse training background and experience have given me the advantage of seeing situations from various philosophical perspectives.


“Within 3 months, my practice increased over 30%…With Damon’s coaching I also started having more fun, more peace, and more clarity in all my personal issues.” – Dr. MaryAnne Shiozawa, Chiropractor, NY, NY

“Over my first 4 months working with Damon, I jumped out to being the top sales person in the company with bookings greater than the 2 other whole regions of the sales force and greater than the teammates in my region combined!” – M.E., Tech Sales, Washington, DC

“Damon has supported me in starting my own business and nearly doubling my 6 figure salary in one year! I cannot thank him enough for what he has done for us and for me.” – Jennifer O., Brand Planning Director, NY, NY

“The result has been two promotions, a $70,000 salary increase and being named the youngest Executive Vice President in my company [one of the top 3 grossing ad agencies in the U.S.]!…I completed the highly difficult and tremendously rewarding process of coming out to my family…I am 4 years into a wildly satisfying relationship with a terrific guy who makes me laugh, love and learn every day – a relationship first for me – and we just made plans to tie the knot…I lost 30 pounds…And I finally gave alcohol the boot and have been sober 3 years…” – M.S., Advertising, NY, NY

“Thanks to Damon’s business coaching, I ended up getting a 70% raise in salary. Damon worked with me on my confidence…causing my personal ‘stock’ to skyrocket. He is a master coach and motivator. I would never have done this without him!” – M.S., Investment Banking Contract Negotiator, NY, NY

“I’ve worked with many coaches in my life….Working with Damon has been an experience unlike any of the others. His understanding of how to get me to produce incredible results continues to amaze me. I am now routinely closing deals 10 times the size of those I did a year ago!” – Ed B., Investment Banker, NY, NY

“Damon’s coaching has helped me greatly in my business as a Chiropractor. When we first started to coach with Damon I must say that my partner and I were at wits end. We many times had the idea of splitting our business up. With Damon’s coaching it got me to see where I was creating a lot of that and how I could transform that, which I did. It also got me to understand women better. Now my business partner and I have the most wonderful relationship, and our business has improved in every area. Thanks Damon!” – Dr. Aatif Siddiqui, Chiropractor, NY, NY