Drawing from a deep and powerful toolkit of over 30 years of experience, Colleen assists individuals and business owners in releasing their inner blocks to business and financial success and experience true freedom.

As a highly experienced and sought out coach, Colleen will masterfully guide you through the inner blocks of self-sabotage; a lack of confidence, support or trust; perfectionism; procrastination; feelings of isolation and the often deep fears of failure/success or what others think about you.

What makes Colleen unique is her intuitive ability to help you release old thoughts and beliefs, programs and blocks. Using tools such as skillful, heart-centered, yet laser mentor coaching, coupled with advanced skills in Neurolinguistic Programming and Hypnosis, the end result is powerful. As a partner, she can help you in creating new patterns for standing more powerfully in your life and leveraging your authentic leadership voice in your business, translating to stronger client relationships. Colleen puts emphasis on developing a healthy YOU on all levels (emotional, mental, physical and spiritual) from the inside out – as a healthy business is the expression of a healthy business owner.

Creating a safe, confidential space to help you ground your strengths and clear the inner blocks so your business can thrive, Colleen draws from her professional experience as an Executive Coach to worldwide corporations, Mentor Coach to other coaches, Transformational Coach as well as Psycho-spiritual practitioner.

In addition to her current coaching certifications, her experience and training includes being a Mentor Coach and Adjunct Professor at Thomas Leonard Graduate School of Coaching; a Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, EMDR Practitioner, NLP Practitioner; B.S in Health Education/Psychology; and Business Management Training.

Colleen naturally weaves her zest and passion for life with an easy and natural sense of humor that balance the energy of what may feel like serious transforming work to the client. Bringing balance to her life, she spends time doing what she loves … being in nature, spending time at the ocean, and following her creative, artistic passions, especially cooking. Book an appointment with Colleen today!