Claudine Lonergan believes that achieving success with coaching is possible for committed individuals motivated by action. Claudine specializes in working with individuals to achieve goals focused on increasing potential, improving relationships, and enhancing performance.

Coaching with Claudine can help individuals overcome challenges, plan for the future, and maximize success. As a coach, she can help others explore and achieve their full potential as an individual, as a team member, or as a leader.

Claudine focuses on:

  • Setting personal and professional goals and creating plans to
    achieve them.
  • Identifying gaps in skills or competencies, and determining steps to
    close those gaps.
  • Improving leadership style and/or interpersonal skills.
  • Enhancing individual and organizational performance.

Claudine provides confidential and individual guidance. She is a sounding board and a partner, providing impartial feedback and asking questions that provoke discussions, stimulate thought, and ignite self-reflection.

Aside from coaching, Claudine has been a consultant working in performance improvement for 14 years, with customers ranging from the Dept. of Energy’s National Laboratories, to state agencies such as NM Dept. of Health and UNM Continuing Education, to local business such as Presbyterian Healthcare and non-profit organizations.
Claudine Lonergan holds a dual Master of Arts with Distinction in Management and Human Resources Development. Her expertise is in coaching, instructional system design (ISD) methodologies and other
initiatives to improve human performance.