Life, Business, Leadership & Happiness Coach

Christina is passionate about empowering others to create the life and legacy they want! She provides coaching and facilitation services globally. Her clients are diverse but share these attributes: highly valuing happiness, being motivated, open-minded, and willing to experiment with new things and ideas.

Before starting her coaching business, Christina was an influential business professional with over 10 years of experience leading multifunctional teams in project execution, product development, process improvement, and strategic planning. Her diverse career has helped her see many perspectives and succeed in many ambiguous situations.

Her coaching style is authentic, direct, fun (an ingredient for almost everything), and challenging yet supportive. She believes in others, listens to her gut, and stays aligned with her life purpose in her daily actions. This helps her be a catalyst to fast track her clients’ personal and business development. Her positive energy and upbeat attitude energize others to do difficult work, improve their confidence, achieve specific desired results, and feel comfortable navigating uncertainty. Her services are customized to fit the needs of each client, and she loves working with entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes.

She has completed extensive training in leadership coaching at the Kansas Leadership Center where leadership is viewed as an activity (not a position) and something anyone can learn and do (managing self, energizing others, skillful interventions, and situation diagnosis for approaching adaptive challenges). Christina completed her Finance degree and Masters in Regional and Community Planning at Kansas State University. She is certified with the International Coach Federation as an Associate Certified Coach and is Master Lean Coach certified. She also is a certified planner with the American Planning Association and a LEED Accredited Professional for Neighborhood Development.

In her free time, Christina likes playing with her nieces and nephew, learning about different cultures, volunteering, and playing games with friends.

Still reading and think you might have found your match? Christina is excited to meet with you and invites you to schedule a meeting with her today!