I am based in London and work online and using Skype and telephone with clients in Europe and the USA.

My forte, in order to assist you in building a firm foundation for your business, is Assessment Coaching so that you may swiftly understand what your priorities are, and be directed to working with the right coach for your current needs.

I was initially coached and trained by Dr. Patrick Williams PhD in 1997. This and various other trainings in the effective tools of coaching and practice in the Art of Powerful Conversation over the last twenty years, have fuelled my passion for working with ‘the person behind the job’.

I have also trained in Tampa Florida with Dr Mike Lillibridge PhD as an advanced trainer in the superb program that he created in the ’80’s, The People Map ™ Understanding Ourselves and Others. This understanding is the bedrock of all my work. It is the perfect and necessary foundation for us to operate well as human beings.

I gain enormous pleasure from seeing the immediate understanding and benefits of participants in training programmes, and with individual or couple clients in personal challenges.

I have worked as an expert coach to Leadership track participants in the British NHS, and as Psychological Consult to a Divorce law firm in London in the early 2000’s, with international clients who re-engage me as required!