Brooke Davis is in the empowerment and change management businesses. She is passionate about helping others figure out what is most important to them and then helping them through the process of change – both personally and professionally – so they have more time to do all of those “most important to me” things.

Brooke specializes in helping heart-centered entrepreneurs find balance, bliss, and purpose all while running a business they love. She understands that launching and maintaining a business requires not only passion and will but a solid strategy along with guidance from key partners along the way. Brooke can help you get comfortable with accountability, lay out step by step action plans, and discover practical ways to motivated, all of which will lead you to success.

Brooke has an MBA and BS in Finance from University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and Indiana University respectively, and over twenty years of corporate finance, cash management, and change champion experience. She is also the Chief Creative Officer and Founder of Roots of Abundance which offers online personal development courses, and Brooke Davis Creative which offers freelance writing services to solopreneurs and small businesses.

Book an appointment with Brooke today to learn more about how you can turn passion into profit all while staying healthy, sane, and true to yourself.