Bo Prosser, Ed. D. is a catalytic coach who helps people enjoy change and
growth. He specializes in leadership development, team building, creativity and
humor, and coaching. His presentations are filled with humor, and interaction. His
coaching sessions are built on an understanding of and sensitivity to the client.

Bo has earned degrees in Business Administration, Theology, Christian
Education and the Ed.D. in Adult Education with post-doctoral work at the
University of Georgia and Oxford University in Oxford, England. His work with
leaders, teams, and entrepreneurs has influenced his many books and professional

For the last 15 years Bo has been part of the senior leadership team of a
major non-profit. He shares his message of love and laughter with clients all
across the country. He is also professor, author, speaker, story teller, motivator,
trainer in improvisational leadership, singer/songwriter and coach. He runs several
small businesses and knows strategies that lead to success. And, he is an EPN
Founding Coach! In his spare time, he collects Coca Cola memorabilia.

His mission statement, “People go, where they know, they’ve been prepared
for and are cared for.” has become a mantra to many leaders. He understands that
collaboration, networking, and hard work are key factors to moving forward. He
also understands that the abilities of improvisation and humor are very much
needed for personal growth and success.

Regardless of what “change or shift” you may be facing, Bo will help you
learn, laugh, and love what is coming next. Give him a call today!