Are you looking for a trusted advisor who listens carefully, helps you forge practical solutions and holds you accountable as your embark on new ventures? Ben is an experienced, accredited coach who works with people like you to achieve success. He believes that integrity, hard work , vision, and a sense of humor are key elements of a meaningful coaching relationship.

Ben brings over 40 years experience in commercial and international banking, a family real estate business, fundraising for schools and a major university and leadership in numerous community activities. He has marketed financial services, hired and managed employees, started successful programs and created and implemented strategic plans. A graduate of Harvard College, a University of Chicago MBA, a Vietnam vet, an avid outdoorsman and father of three grown children, Ben has lived and worked in New England, Chicago, Asia and now makes his home in Montana. He combines a practical appreciation for getting things done with a broad perspective.

If you want a coach who can help you formulate a meaningful vision, challenging yet achievable goals, specific next steps and then stay the course on implementation, then Ben may be the right fit for your needs. Ben’s coaching is all about you, your dreams and your future.