Do you believe you can experience more SUCCESS and more BLISS?

Maybe you want to see more? Experience more? Listen more? Move more? Learn more? Love more? Travel more? Earn More? Laugh more? Sleep more?

I’m so glad that we have that in common!

Are you ready to choose your own path, even if it diverges from “the formulaic path to fame and riches”? Are you ready to define your own version of Success? Are you ready to do all of that and experience more BLISS than you ever have before?

Then let’s do this!

I will teach you how to achieve BLISS and Success instead of STRESS and Success.

How? It all starts with a plan, and not a generic one, a plan created just for you. I make this all very easy for you. I ask you a series of questions and we work through the answers together to determine your priorities. From there:

  • decision making will now be easier for you
  • you’ll know exactly what to work on each day
  • you’ll get more done in less time
  • you’ll feel more confident
  • your sales will increase
  • your stress levels will go down and your bliss levels will go up

My name is Beata (rhymes with Miata). In my professional life, I am a strategist, a mentor, an implementation expert, an accountability partner, a solutions dynamo, a project manager, a copywriter, a marketer, a salesperson, a trainer and a speaker. In my personal life I am a wife, a mom, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a sea-lover, a student, a reader, an essential oils mixologist, and a wanna-be-yogi. I graduated from Penn State with a business degree in Business Logistics / Supply Chain Management and International Business. I thrived for 10 years as a corporate Logistician, Strategist and Manager at Procter & Gamble both in Cincinnati and in Toronto. I retired from my corporate life to raise my kids full time. During that time, I discovered that I had an entrepreneur bursting to emerge from me.

I have direct experience in launching and growing profitable direct sales businesses, a boutique remodeling firm, an online academy, and most recently an ocean front vacation rental home. I enjoy helping my clients to capitalize on their strengths while strategically outsourcing tasks that don’t make the best use of their time and expertise. In addition, I am a trained success coach and a certified MindPT master coach. I have a huge passion for teaching people to change their thoughts in order to change their lives. If you are interested in creating a personal plan for success, schedule an appointment with me. I look forward to helping you achieve your version of success and bliss.