Having suffered through all the headaches and heartaches of starting a new company and leading it to success, Barbara continued on to start two more! Adding to the wealth of learning from these experiences, she broadened her background working in corporate management and as a consultant.

These positions provided an opportunity to coach all levels of managers and supervisors, as well as employees in a myriad of jobs. Coaching focused on the unique needs and concerns of each person and ranged from career advancement to guiding people and departments to realize objectives. Barbara’s ability to understand and relate to multiple needs has been heightened by work with all functional areas…

…from the Board Room setting goals and strategies,
…to Sales and Marketing positioning products/services to reach revenue goals,
…to Human Resources detailing the policies and procedures to support employee
engagement and productivity.

With clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to public entities and not-for-profit companies in diverse markets, Barbara acquired another dimension of understanding the factors necessary for success.

Barbara is committed to working in partnership with clients to share what she has learned to help them identify and achieve goals, while avoiding many of the pitfalls that challenge progress. Her approach is holistic in that she understands that the activities within a person’s personal and professional life are intertwined and must be in sync to attain goals.

Barbara holds an MS Degree in Education and Psychology and a BBA in Business and is a Certified Performance Technologist. She has developed and facilitated hundreds of training courses, which have been supplemented by coaching to ensure lasting performance improvements. Her spare time finds her volunteering in classrooms helping young people enjoy learning and growing their capabilities.

As your coach, Barbara promises to:

  • Make your goals and success her first priority.
  • Listen, encourage, be fully involved, never judgmental, and offer sound suggestions and guidance.
  • Make every aspect of her background – management, sales/marketing, HR, measurable performance improvements, training, organizational development, experience with diverse organizations, academic learning in business, psychology and education – available to you to shorten your learning curve and path to success.
  • Ensure you have the skills and knowledge to move forward.