Emotional Intelligence is the key that gets us into the door of opportunity. I help people transform the way they relate, communicate, and participate in life. Business and marriage are built on relationships. I can help you shift from ordinary to extraordinary, by teaching you the skills and art of emotional intelligence.

You want an awesome life and I know how to get you there. A specific roadmap will be created uniquely for you. I utilize an evidence-based Emotional Intelligence assessment to provide a blueprint of your 15 core social and emotional characteristics, and help you develop those fully.

With your full commitment to living your best life, I can guide you from the land of here and now to the land of your pure potential, help you shift subtle nuances that get in your way, and create an actionable plan.

I have created a life I love! My early life was traumatic and challenging, and I was determined to find a way to live fully, and embrace the gratitude of each experience as I created businesses and relationships that rock my world in a fantastic way. I love to wake up each and every day knowing I can serve others, and celebrate an incredible life. I am a possibilitarian and teach how I live. I walk my talk.

As a licensed clinical psychologist and certified life coach, I utilize my combined training, knowledge, and wisdom, to get to the root of what holds you back, and provide you tools and skills to move you forward.

Few step into the truth of who they truly are, and deep down know they were born to be. To live an extraordinary life, to have awesome relationships, and a fantastic career requires commitment and faith. Trust this as the sign that you’ve been looking for, to create and live the life that is true to your hopes and dreams. Life is calling you to commit to living your life on purpose, to commit to staking a claim to what’s true to you, and to trust there is a way, even when you can’t see it YET. I know the way.