I would be honored to work with you and support your success goals! I am a registered nurse with 33 years of varied medical and business management experiences, including leadership development, education and health coaching. My education and experiences have taught me that each of us is unique and our motivations and goals are distinct to us as people and vary according to our marketplace.

Education and Preparation:

  • Bachelor of Science Degree Nursing- Medical College of Georgia
  • Master’s Degree in Management- Webster University
  • Faith Community Nursing Marquette University
  • Leadership Development – Duke University (studied and authored)
  • Clinical Pastoral Education (Chaplaincy)
  • Health Coaching – Healthways, Inc.
  • Former Certified Executive- Home Health and Hospice

As an experienced business leader and former Certified Executive, I have both non-profit and for-profit experience. I have developed free-standing and institutional start-up companies, managed and supervised large staff, and navigated the challenges of billing and invoicing. I have spoken nationally in areas of Home Health, Hospice, Health Ministries and community development. Included in coursework development are health ministries, marriage and leadership development courses fostering successful leaders across the country.

As a Health Coach, I am aware of how life struggles and stress affect our sense of confidence, threatening our capacity for success. Conversely, I am amazed at how collateral support and shared conversation guide us to discover our own solutions and build self-efficacy.

As a Faith Community Nurse, I am very sensitive to the needs of others – spoken and unspoken. Skills in listening and deep caring have fostered my coaching skills as I freely connect the various pieces of one’s life, helping individuals reveal how those pieces support or inhibit their success as they take steps toward their future.

As a wife and mother, I know full well the power of unconditional love and nurturing. My family has always been the best part of my life and has been extremely supportive of my career. My children are grown now with fulfilling careers of their own by which I feel so blessed.

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