Anne offers life coaching for compassionate living. She works with people who want to be happy even while they are striving to hit lofty goals. She uses a process called Grow the Good, which is based on the paradox that small changes lead to the most profound results. It also assumes that clients don’t need to develop several new techniques. They just need a few good tools that they can use consistently. Clients are often too stressed to learn new techniques when they begin coaching. By using simple tools that they might already know, clients learn to release harsh judgment, see the things that are going well even amid great challenges, and achieve goals with playful curiosity.

Anne has been coaching clients through major transitions for the last four years. While her clients are diverse, every coaching sessions ends with two things: a realistic, achievable action plan and laughter because the clients see that they can face their challenges. The techniques are based on the latest neuroscience and timeless wisdom on ways to grow healthy habits.

Anne began her professional life as journalist in daily newspapers. She left her career to care for her youngest child through a bone marrow transplant and a years-long recovery. She became a coach after realizing she could have benefited from coaching during that time. Coaching offered way to organize and share all the techniques and insights I gained from the experience.

She is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) graduate from the International Coach Academy. She is the author of Saving Lee, Finding Grace, a memoir about the effects of her son’s transplant on her entire family. The book explores the affirming power of mindfulness, playfulness, and rituals. She enjoys raising her family, running, yoga, and volunteering in her community.