Entrepreneurs are essentially visualizers and actualizers.
They can visualize something, and when they visualize it, they see exactly how to make it happen. — Robert L. Schwartz

Transforming Yourself into an Entrepreneur
When you decide to grow a business, it’s not just about creating a new income stream. Choosing to become an entrepreneur means you are embarking on a “hero’s journey.” You are stepping off a conventional career path and forging your own new one..You are creating a new identity for yourself. You are no longer just someone’s employee: you are now your own boss—with all the freedom and challenges that this new role entails. In that transition, you will be tested and transformed.

Coaching is a process of powerful self inquiry. In 1-1 coaching sessions and mastermind groups, you can discover your own answers to these questions: What inspires you to risk investing in yourself so you can create something new and valuable in the world? How do you hold fast to your vision and sustain that inspiration? What values energize your efforts? What knowledge and strengths do you bring to your business building and how can you deploy them effectively? How do your beliefs about money and wealth influence your business goals, and your ability to get and stay motivated? How do you care for yourself, your family, and your coworkers so that you have the energy, support and resources you need to realize your vision?.

Flourish! Personal Coaching services uses the Exoteric 10 Steps to Entrepreneur Success coaching program to help you:
• Clarify your goals, set priorities, and stay focussed so you can use your energy and resources efficiently;
• Identify and deploy your psychological strengths so you can find satisfaction in the effort your work will require;
• Develop a growth mindset: overcome perfectionism and procrastination and sustain your optimism. •
• Strengthen your self-confidence and stress resilience so you can be an energized and inspired leader in your chosen industry.
• Identify the resources you need to grow your business and develop strategies to recruit and mobilize them productively;
• Problem-solve to meet the predictable challenges that arise as you implement your strategies.

Professional Experience
A helping professional for over thirty years, I am passionate about the ways coaching can address the needs of the whole person. For your mission to succeed as an entrepreneur,I can help you learn to be resilient in the face of stress, and master techniques for staying energized and inspired as you strive to realize your professional and personal goals. To meet your needs, I can offer a unique array of expertise. I have been a practicing personal coach since 2008, and am ICF certified as a Professional Coach. I have extensive training and experience in specialized coaching modalities, including life, career, wellness and adult ADHD coaching. When appropriate, I also integrate positive and energy psychology approaches to this work.

Personal Background
I earned my BA from the University of Michigan (Psychology), my EdM from the Harvard School of Education (Counseling and Consulting Psychology) and my PhD from the University of North Carolina School of Social Work. A retired research professor of social work, I have expertise in the application of positive psychology to healthy life style interventions. Since retiring in 2008, I have continued to conduct research and publish on these topics. I received my coaching training through MentorCoach which specializes positive psychology-based coaching.

I have been happily married for over 40 years. I live with my husband in Colorado. We are committed to savoring our days in with a healthy, engaged life style. I am a voracious reader of personal transformation, mysteries and science fiction books, Together, we enjoy hiking, Nordic walking long distance bicycle touring, and international travel.

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