The 360 Degrees of Success is a revolutionary program that teaches people how to better develop their skills concerning the management of their most precious resources (as well as generating more of the same throughout life): Money, Relationships, Energy, Time and Mindset. Ana has developed the 360 Degrees of Success program to help people live their dreams – empowering people to create their own happiness, success and a balanced life.

By learning the simple formulas Ana teaches you will achieve the following:

  • The 360 Degrees of Success book/course app at 360 Degrees of Success is providing practical and realistic tools you can tailor to fit your life needs with calmness and reduced stress in the following areas: time management relationship (original and unique time schedule in color) – energy management/relationship – eat the foods that love you back build and sustain amazing relationships – personal, intimate, professional, family and social, build a powerful and strong relationship with money and ultimately linking it all learn and exercise the very best relationship you have with the roles you assume throughout your life journey.
  • Set your intentions as you wish. The 30-30-30 step program empowering you to let go of past emotional baggage, clean the soil and plant seeds for tomorrow.
  • You will learn to balance your life with tremendous understanding and in the process learn what you want to achieve.

Ana is a master at coaching entrepreneurs faced with challenging business issues. Her simple and powerful approach to life and business is documented in her bestselling and inspiring books, The Money Flow and 360 Degrees of Success – Money, Relationships, Energy, Time: The 4 Essential Ingredients to Create Personal and Professional Success in Your Life.

Ana progressed from being a penniless immigrant from Eastern Europe to starting over in Israel and the United States; eventually becoming a successful executive and entrepreneur. She was instrumental in increasing a company’s annual revenues of $250,000 to $62 million in five years, and another business’ revenue from $100,000 to $12 million in three years. Despite the recession, she tripled sales to $30 million at her current company.

Ana is a bestselling author who has written 17 books. October 2016 she is launching her new book titled “Passion Spirit Purpose” introducing the DOXA method to empower you to love your life. The DOXA method is a revolutionary method to empower you to ask yourself questions and receive your responses by the choices you make in your life. Ana is introducing the ABC formula helping you to activate and live the DOXA method.

Ana is a Certified Professional Coach and a Master Practitioner Coach (iPEC). She holds a PhD in Philosophy and Human Services and a Masters of Business Administration.

Ana loves sharing life experiences and helping people to learn from her path. Contact Ana TODAY to get started on YOUR transformation!