Alis is secretly known as “the Millennial’s Coach” in her circle and community. She devotedly coaches this very misunderstood generation of professionals to channel their passion into purpose. As a true Generation X woman, she applies her keen understanding of changing world affairs into also being a fierce coach to her generation and a loyal ally to the Baby Boom generation clients.

Alis has a Masters degree in Public Health and seasoned experience in the field of community health education. She has passionately worked with multicultural individuals and folks from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. As a CTI trained coach, she brings her Co-Active approach by being a bridge so that Leaders & their Influencers can shift, thrive and bring meaningful change in the World.

Defining a coaching niche would be very hard for Alis, as relationships of all kids are her sphere. Her approach is that of a compassionate militant whose sharp intuition allows her to meet her clients exactly where they are at in their lives and walk them through the symbolic stones of fire that would lead them to their soul’s victory.

If you are a Millennial, Gen-Xer, or Baby Boomer stuck in your quest for learning your multidimensional purpose in this world;

If you are aching to evolve your professional and personal relationships;

If you just need to put on a suit and gel the hair of your inner hulk so that the message does not get lost in the execution…then book an appointment with Alis today!