Charming, courageous and a though-provoking communicator, Alicia Kidd is the Founder and CEO of Carpe Diem Lifestyle Associates INC, a dynamic digital magazine, digital media , and lifestyle consulting company that touches on the passion, dreams, and everyday realities of multicultural women.

Avid about art, culture, travel, health/wellness, business, and technology, Alicia is known for sharing tips, trends and fascinating stories and information with everyone she meets. She believes that enriching experiences have no boundaries, whether that means wine tasking in Napa, hopping on plan to Paris to attend a concert, or embarking on a new business venture on a whim.

With 15 years of professional experience in training, project management, consulting, healthcare, and technology, Alicia brings a unique perspective and extensive knowledge in interpersonal communication, personal improvement, and empowerment, all of which are areas essential to the Carpe Diem Lifestyle. She has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration Finance and Masters of Art in Public Administration Management from California State University East Bay located in Hayward California.

Alicia has a passion for consulting and coaching in the area of lifestyle. I am called the “Lifestyle Curator” and have a passion for helping women live their best life. As an EPN elite Founding Coach, Alicia Kidd will offer coaching and consulting in travel, health/wellness, career, entrepreneurship, personal finance, and self-care. To start the journey of living the “Carpe Diem Lifestyle”, book an appointment with Alicia Kidd today!

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