Who needs an interior designer?

Moving furniture, buying the right sofa, designing a new kitchen–all those decisions take creativity. And designing your inner life takes as much skill, effort, time and creativity as all the makeovers you have accomplished for your home, studio, office, man cave (woman cave-ette) or garage.

Interior design of the soul can be your first step toward highlighting your meaning in the world. Whether it is a certain sparkle, a colorful approach, a relevant persistence–you have what it takes to make others pause. You just haven’t let them know yet.

When I work with clients they are usually interested in a “next” in their lives whether that be a transition, a change in their career, a first in their family, a flash of the creative moment, a step toward a new adventure. They not only want a new plan, a redefinition, a new framework–they want a whole new design.

As an INTERIOR DESIGNER, I have facilitated the design of each person’s richest internal landscapes. But you may not even be aware of the changes that propel you today. Design takes some consultation.
I can facilitate coaching sessions so your inner life reflects your unique life story. It will take time, passion, energy, resilience and awareness. These are all qualities that a business like yours needs and cherishes. You will want to do more than cope. You want to thrive.

I am ready and willing to take your questions and see how we can work together. Join me at my coaching websites– www.sufial.com, some blogging at Alice Stefaniak and a radio talk show at Interior Design for the Soul

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