Adam G. Fleming provides individual coaching for leaders who want to have a long-lasting impact on their culture. From the micro-culture in your business to the greater culture around you, as a leader, your business exists not only to provide your family an income but to allow you to make a cultural impact.

Adam’s expertise at helping you manage your energy and hone your focus frees you up to do what you do best: build your business and lead your team by growing in your creative and empathetic abilities. He is adept at working alongside you over the long-haul to set goals and make plans, overcome internal obstacles, deal with spiritual and emotional frustrations, adjust as you gather new information and pivot as your market changes.

Adam is a 2009 graduate of Lifeforming Leadership Coaching. His is credentialed by CCNI as a professional coach (CPCC). Raised on a strawberry farm in rural Illinois, Adam has been traveling and exploring other cultures since his early teenage years. He has lived in, visited, coached people, or trained new coaches in over two dozen nations and cultures. Married in 1998 to his best friend, Adam and Megan have four children. They live in Goshen, Indiana. Adam has published multiple books as a novelist and nonfiction author.

If your vision is bigger than building your business and you want to make a positive impact on your culture, begin now. Set a meeting with Adam now for an initial “get to know you” session and he’ll send you a free e-copy of his book on Impact.