You and your employees will be more successful when your relationships with them are based on clear communication, understanding motivations, and optimizing performance. Also, knowing how your personal relationships may influence your professional relationships can allow you to make specific changes before work-related troubles become a pattern. That’s where I come in. I specialize in relationship-building by assessing what’s present and what’s missing in people’s relational skills and guiding them into more awareness of their strengths as well as how to use them in everyday interactions. By leading with your strengths and encouraging your employees to do so, everyone ends up doing her or his best, which is a key component of positive company morale. And, this morale always exists, with some variability, in the most desirable work places. I want to help you copy the strengths-based relationships so commonly found at these places.

My professional experiences have well-prepared me to assist you, as I have worked in the customer-service and healthcare fields for a combined 30 years. I have had countless exchanges with people from very different backgrounds, including financial statuses, cultures, educations, etc. With this professional background and my education, meeting others where they are and learning how to meet their wants/needs have become my growing expertise. I have in-depth knowledge of psychology/counseling, comparative religion, and spirituality, and my doctorate is in Family Therapy, the basis of which is understanding and influencing human relationships. Also, I frequently speak on and help company leaders incorporate wellness and mindfulness in the work place.

My son and I live in Tarrant County. I enjoy spending time with him, my family/friends, exercising (i.e., strength/cardio training, Bikram Yoga, etc.), listening to music, and cooking/eating food. I am the second of five kids, with an older and three younger sisters, and am originally from the Sherman, Texas area.

I look forward to hearing from you and making your relationships the best that they can be!